Abbreviations related to the LHC   (and particle physics in general)

Main Experiments
ATLASA Toroidal LHC ApparatuS (Higgs, SUSY, dark matter, extra dimensions, big bang)
ALICEA Large Ion Collider Experiment (matter structure in quark-gluon plasma)
CMSCompact Muon Solenoid (Higgs, SUSY, dark matter, extra dimensions, big bang)
LHCbLarge Hadron Collider beauty [or bottom, quark] (matter/antimatter)
Secondary Experiments
ALFAAbsolute Luminosity measurement For Atlas (very high β*, low L, to calibrate LUCID)
LHCfLarge Hadron Collider forward scattering (at ATLAS) (cosmic ray structure)
milliQanmilli-charged particle detector (above CMS) (Q for charge, from Drell-Yan process)
MoEDALMonopole and Exotics Detector at the LHC (at LHCb) (magnetic monopoles etc)
TOTEMTOTal cross section, Elastic scattering and diffraction dissociation Measurement (at CMS) (proton detail)
A....Acceleration (Equipment Codes)
AAheavy ion - heavy ion (collisions etc) of some Atomic number
ACAccelerating Cavities
ACNNormal Conducting Cavity 200 MHz
ACEMAluminium Cathode Electron Multiplier
ACSAccelerating Superconducting Cavity 400 MHz
ADAntiProton Decelerator (feeding experiments at CERN)
ADCAnalogue to Digital Converter
ADIAvis d'Intervention (access order), to be replaced by AET
ADLLongitudinal Damper
ADTTransverse Damper feedback system (for stabilising transverse beam oscillations)
ADTHTransverse Damper (Horizontal)
ADTVTransverse Damper (Vertical)
AEMAccelerator Equipment Monitor
AETAvis d'Excécution de Travaux (work order), replacing ADI+AOC
AFPATLAS Forward Proton (detector) (ATLAS)
AFSActive Filling Scheme
AFSAndrews File System [like NFS]
afsAsymmetry (of CP) in flavour-specific B decays
AGAbort Gap
AgB2Silver diboride (a superconductor)
AGCAbort Gap Cleaning
AGKAbort Gap Keeper
AGKAbramovsky-Gribov-Kanchelli rules (in the analysis of multiple parton chains)
ALARAAs Low As Reasonably Achievable (in relation to safety risks)
AlB2Aluminium diboride (a superconductor)
AMLxArc+cleaning Magnets Left of IP x (at beam cleaning points)
AMRxArc+cleaning Magnets Right of IP x (at beam cleaning points)
AOCAvis d'Ouverture de Chantier (Notice of start of works), to be replaced by AET
ApsAmps Per Second (eg change in magnet powering current)
APWLongitudinal Pickup station
APWLBunch parameters
APWPPhase loop
APWSBeam structure
ArconRadiation monitoring system in injector chain, being replaced with RAMSES
ARnnArc Magnets, nn = sector 12 etc
ASCAccelerating Superconducting Cavity 400 MHz
ATAccelerator Technology Department
ATSAchromatic Telescopic Squeezing
AuGold [Latin aurum]
AUGGeneral Emergency Stop (Arrêt d'Urgence Généraux)
AWAKEAdvanced Wakefield Experiment
BBranching ration (for different decay paths)
BMeson type with Bottom quark (B-bar) or antiquark (B) [Note anti-Bottom is not in B-bar]
B....Beam Instrumentation for the Rings (Equipment Codes)
BaBarB and B-bar meson collider at SLAC
barAnti particle, eg p-bar for an antiproton (or a bar above the letter, eg ū for an anti-up quark)
B1LHC Beam 1, traveling clockwise
B2LHC Beam 2, traveling counter-clockwise
BBCBeam Beam Compensator
BBQBaseBand Tune
BCBeam clock (BC1, BC2)
BCIDBunch Crossing Identifier
BCDBeam Coordination Diagram
BCMBeam Conditions Monitor
BCMSBatch Compression, bunch Merging and Splitting (PS+SPS fill scheme for LHC)
BCTBeam Current Transformer
BCTDCDC Beam Current Transformer
BCTFRFast Beam Current Transformer
BDSBeam Dumping System
BDTBoosted Decision Tree
BEBeams Department
BEBCBig European Bubble Chamber (1973-1984 in West Area)
BelleB meson and hadron physics experiment at KEKB
BEMBeam Energy Meter / Measurement
BETSBeam Energy Tracking System
BGBeam Gas Monitor
BGIBeam Gas Ionization Profile Monitor
BGLBeam Gas Luminescence Profile Monitor
BHZHorizontal Bending Magnet (in LINACs)
BIBeam Interlock
BIBBeam Induced Background
BICBeam Interlock Controller (=CIB)
BigSISterSIS-based early warning system (sent to LHC Announcer )
BIIBeam Intensity Interlock
BISBeam Interlock System
BISCoTOBeam Instrumentation Software Common Tools & Organisation
BLFSBeam Line For Schools (East Area)
BLMBeam Loss Monitor
BLMABeam Loss Monitor, Ionization Chambers
BLMBBeam Loss Monitor, ACEM's on collimators
BNLBrookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island, NY)
BOBeam Operation
BOBBeam Synchronous Timing System
BOCControl Software for Beam Instrumentation
BPBasic Period
BPCBeam Permit Controller
BPCEBumped Beam Position at Extraction
BPFBeam Permit Flag
BPFBeam Presence Flag
BPIBunches Per Injection
BPLBeam Permit Loop
BPMBeam Position Monitor
BPMSBeam Position Monitor System
BQBeam tune, chromaticity and coupling measurement
BQMBeam Quality Monitor
BQSBeam Schottky Monitor
BRBranching ratio (for different decay paths)
BRABeam RAte Monitors
BRANBeam RAte Neutrals (TAN type luminosity monitor)
BRASBeam RAte Secondaries (TAS type luminosity monitor)
BSMBeyond the Standard Model (of particle physics)
BSRSynchrotron Radiation Observation System
BSRAAbort Gap Monitor
BSRLBeam Synchrotron Light Monitor Longitudinal
BSRTBeam Synchrotron Light Monitor Transverse
BSTBeam Synchronous Timing (versus GMT) (one for SPS, three for LHC)
BTFBeam Transfer Function
BTVBeam Observation TV Monitors
BWSWire Scanner Profile Monitor
C....Controls and Communication (Equipment Codes)
CALIFESConcept d’Accélerateur Linéaire pour Faisceau d’Electrons Sonde (electron beam probe)
CBCMCentral Beam and Cycle Manager (coordinating LINACs thru SPS to LHC and other CERN experiments)
CCCrab Cavity
CCCharged Current (event type)
CCCCERN Control Center (Prévessin) (including LHC control centre)
CCMCommon Console Manager
CCRCentral Computer Room (Rack Room) (next to the CCC)
CDRConceptual Design Report
CEBAFContinuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (at Jefferson Lab)
CERNConseil D284 1952-1954, European Organisation for Nuclear Research 1954+
CIBBeam Interlock Controller System
CIBDSCIB to Dump System link
CiCCommissioner in Charge (for LHC commissioning)
CIFFast Magnet Current Change Monitor
CIPPowering Interlock Controller System
CIWWarm Magnet Interlock Controller System
CLClosed Loop
CLEXCLIC Experimental Area
CLICCompact Linear Collider
CLRCCentral Laboratory of the Research Councils (UK), to 2007
CMCryo Maintain - false leads to Fast Power Abort
CMSSMConstrained Minimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model
CMWControls Middleware (communication infrastructure for CERN accelerator controls)
CNGSCERN Neutrino to Gran Sasso (neutrino source) (ended 2012)
CODClosed Orbit Dipole Corrector Magnet
CoMCentre of Mass (energy), the collision energy, twice beam energy
COMPASSExperiment in the North Area (COmmon Muon Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy)
COTSComponents Off The Shelf (versus custom design)
CPSCircuit Protection System
CPSCERN Proton Synchrotron (now usually referred to as just PS)
CRSCombined Ramp and Squeeze
CSCryo Start - needed to start cooling, but not to maintain
CSCrossing Section
CSCMCopper Stabilizer Continuity Measurement [Project]
CSOCryogenics Safety Officer
CSRCoherent Synchrotron Radiation (across cirve)
CTControls and Timing
CT-PPSCMS-TOTEM Precision Proton Spectrometer
CTFCLIC Test Facility
CTGControls Timing Generator
CTIMCentral Timing
CTRTiming Receivers
CVCooling and Ventilation Group (under EN)
D....Electrical Distribution and Quench Protection (Equipment Codes)
D1-D2Dipole pair joining the two beams before and separating them after the IP
D3-D4Dipole pair increasing and decreasing the beam separation in IR3, IR4 and IR7
DADynamical Aperture
dAuDeuteron - gold (collisions etc)
DABData / Digital Acquisition Board
DACDigital to Analogue Converter
DAQData Acquisition
DCDouble Chooz (neutrino oscillation experiment at Chooz, France)
DCCTDC Current Transformer (=BCTDC) (better at high intensity than FBCT) (5x10^8 resolution, not good enough for pilot)
DFBDistribution Feed Box (electrical) (4.5 K saturated liquid helium cryostat)
DIDTMeasurement of rate of change of beam current (di/dt)
DIMRDossier d’Intervention en Milieu Radioactif (Detail of work in radioactive environment) (related to AOC or AET)
DIPData Interchange Protocol
DIRACDImeson Relativistic Atom Complex (in EASTB, for ππ and πK)
DLEPDouble-circumference LEP (proposed)
DQQuench Protection System components
DSDispersion Suppression region (between arcs and IPs)
DSLDistribution Superconducting Link (electrical, where DFB cannot be next to magnets)
DSODivisional Safety Officer (at BE, EN, etc level)
DSSDetector Safety System
EEnergy of beam - measured by BDS (from dipole current in S45,S56,S67,S78+Q4+Septa)
EEnergy (of particles in general)
E/Missing energy (with slash through the E)
E....AC Electrical Distribution (Equipment Codes)
ExBeam line x in the Linacs/LEIR/PS/PSB interconnections area
EACExternal Advisory Committee
EASTAEast Area A (North Target Branch)
EASTCEast Area C (Irradiations) (beam type EASTC in the PS is also used for nTOF)
ECALElectromagnetic Calorimeter (LHCb)
EDFÉlectricité de France (parent of RTE)
EEEnergy Extraction
EiCEngineer in Charge
EISElement Important for Safety (eg doors)
ELQAElectrical Quality Assurance
ENEN Engineering Department
EOFEnd Of Fill
EOSénergie ouest suisse (runs some powerlines)
EPAElectron-Positron Accumulator (part of LPI)
EPBEjected Proton Beam
EPCElectrical Power Converter Group within TE department
ESEElectrical Safety Expert
EWElectroweak (interaction)
EYETSExtended Year End Technical Stop
F....Fluids (Equipment Codes)
FaDuFalse Dump
FBFire Brigade
FBCTFast Beam Current Transformer (Monitor) (=BCTFR) (better at low intensity than DCCT)
FCALForward Calorimiters (ATLAS)
FDFFixed Display Framework (the Vistar consoles)
FECFront End Computer (between sensors and network)
FESAFront-End Software Architecture
FGCFunction Generator/Controller (custom embedded computer in each LHC PC)
FGSOFlammable Gases Safety Officer
FGVFine Grain Veto (eg nogo-detector in CMS electronics)
FIFI Finance Department
FiDeLField Description of LHC (for modelling magnet circuit currents)
FIPFactory Instrumentation Protocol (see WorldFIP)
FMCMFast Magnet Current Change Monitors
FNALFermi National Accelerator Laboratory (at Batavia IL)
FODOFocus/Defocus QD/QF magnet pair, or cell QF+MBs+QD+MBs+QF and v.v. (F=horizontal, D=vertical focus)
FPAFast Power Abort
FPAFinal Power Amplifier
FPGAField-Programmable Gate Array
FPIAAFinding Persons Inside ATLAS Areas
FTFlow Transmitter
FWHMFull Width at Half Maximum (measire of width of a curve etc)
G....Survey and Geodesy (Equipment Codes)
GLIMOSGroup Leader In Matters Of Safety (at an experiment)
GMPMAGlobal Magnet Post-Mortem Analysis
GMTGeneral Machine Timing (versus BST) (seven masters incl one for LHC) (better than 50us)
GPSGlobal Positioning System (used for its time signals throughout the accelerator chain)
GPSGeneral Purpose Separator (in ISOLDE, line 2)
GSGS General Infrastructure Services Department
GSAGlobal System Analysis
GSMLHC has custom GSM phone system, incl leaky feeders to propagate signal in tunnels along with fire VHF
GSOGadolinium Oxyorthosilicate (Gd2SiO5) (scintillators for LHCf)
GTOGate Turn Off (thyristor in injection kicker power supplies)
H....Mechanics, Supports and Handling (Equipment Codes)
H2,H4,H6,H8Experiments in the North Area
HCALHadron Calorimeter (LHCb)
HE-LHCHigh Energy LHC (proposed)
HEHHigh Energy Hadrons (as counted eg per cm² for R2E)
HEPHigh Energy Physics
HiRadMatHigh-Radiation to Materials (experiment at CERN)
HL-LHCHigh Luminosity LHC (planned)
HLTHigh Level Trigger
HRHuman Resources Department
HRSHigh Resolution Separator (in ISOLDE)
HTSHigh Tc Superconductor [may be as low as 4K]
HWCHardware Commissioning
HWCiCHarware Commissioner in Charge (for LHC commissioning)
I(also see l for lepton)
I....Injection (Equipment Codes)
IBLInsertable B-Layer (in ATLAS)
IBSIntra-Beam Scattering (Coulomb scattering, emittance growth)
ICInterconnect (eg between magnets)
ICARUSImaging Cosmic And Rare Underground Signals (neutrino detection experiment at LNGS)
ICHEPInternational Conference on High Energy Physics (biannual, 2012 July in Melbourne Australia)
ILCInernational Linear Collider (design completion expected 2012)
I-LHCIon-LHC (and accelerator chain) [operational 2010]
InCAInjector Control Architecture
IPInteraction Point
IPMIonization Profile Measurement
IPOCInternal Post-Operation Checks
IPQIndividually Powered Quad
IQCInjection Quality Check
IRInsertion Region
IRInteraction Region
ISAIndependent System Analysis
ISICIndividual Software Interlock Channel
ISOInternational Standards Organisation
ISOGPSISOLDE General Purpose Separator (line 2)
ISOHRSISOLDE High Resolution Separator (line 3)
ISOLDEIsotope Separator OnLine Device (a PSB target area)
ISRIntersecting Storage Rings (1971 - 1984) (2x150m dia 2GeV p-p/pbar collider at CERN)
ITIT Information Technology Department
ITInner Triplet (focussing magnets at the IPs)
ITBInstrumentation Test Beam
ITLxInner Triplet Left of IP x (focusing magnets at experiments)
ITRxInner Triplet Right of IP x (focusing magnets at experiments)
jJet (of particles from collision)
J....Infrastructure (Equipment Codes)
JAPCJava API for Parameter Control
JRJunction Region
K....Civil Engineering (Equipment Codes)
KEKKo-Enerugi Butsurigaku Kenkyusho (National Laboratory for High Energy Physics, Japan)
KEKBElectron-Positron Collider for B Physics at KEK
KISSKicker Injection Soft Start
KM3NeTKilometer-cubed Neutrino Telescope (detector planned for the Mediterranean)
lIepton (electron, muon, or tau)
IBLInsertable B-Layer (detector in ATLAS)
LLuminosity (instantaneous)
L....Layouts and Assemblies (Equipment Codes)
LACSLHC Access Control System
LArLiquid Argon (used in eg ICARUS neutrino detector)
LASSLHC Access Safety System
LBLuminosity Block
LBDSLHC Beam Dumping System
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LCDLinac Calculated Destination (of LINAC output beam)
LCDLinear Collider Detector (CLIC)
LEIRLow Energy Ion Ring
LEPLarge Electron Positron Collider at CERN (LEP tunnel is now used for the LHC)
LEP3Third-generation LEP (proposed for LHC tunnel)
LFBLongitudinal Feedback
LFULepton Flavor Universality
LHCLarge Hadron Collider
LHCCLHC Committee
LHeCLarge Hadron Electron Collider (proposed)
LILLEP Injector Linacs (LIL-V feeding LIL-W) (part of LPI)
LIDSLHC Instrument and Diagnostic Software
LINACLinear Accelerator
LIULHC Injectors Upgrade (planned for HL-LHC, starting with LINAC4)
LLRFLow Level Radio Frequency (driving of the klystrons)
LMCLHC Machine Coordinator(s), LHC Machine Committee
LNGSLaboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (including Opera experiment, target of CNGS)
LOLeading Order (in calculations)
LPCLHC Programme Coordination
LPILEP Pre-Injector (LIL+EPA) (now modified to become current CTF)
LPMLongitudinal Profile Measurement
LRLinac-Ring (design option for LHeC)
LS1Long Shutdown 1 (planned for LHC starting early 2013)
LS2Long Shutdown 2 (planned for LHC starting early 2017)
LSALHC Software Architecture (or Application) (operates CERN accelerators)
LSALogical System Analysis
LSICLogical Software Interlock Channel
LSOLaser Safety Officer
LSPLightest Supersymmetric Particle
LSSLong Straight Section (at IPs) (make up 5km of 27km total)
LTLevel Transmitter
LTILHC Transfer and Injection
LUCIDLUminosity measurement using Čerenkov Integrating Detector (at ATLAS)
LVDTLinear Variable Displacement Transformer (eg collimator position sensors)
M....Magnet System (Equipment Codes)
MAMechanical Aperture
MADMaterial Access Device (doorway for equipment)
MADMethodical Accelerator Design
MaDaMagnet Damage
MBMain Dipole Coldmass
MBMain (Bending) dipole magnet
MBAMain (Bending) dipole magnet type A
MBAWAlice Spectrometer
MBBMain (Bending) dipole magnet type B
MBLWLHC-b Spectrometer
MBWMDSingle Aperture Warm Dipole Module Compensating ALICE spectrometer
MBXWSingle Aperture Warm Dipole Module D1 in IR1 and IR5
MBXWHSingle Apterure Warm Horizontal Dipole Module Compensating LHCb spectrometer
MBXWTSingle Aperture Warm Compensator for ALICE
MCMonte Carlo (simulation)
MCBCold arc orbit corrector dipole magnet (at each QF and QD)
MCBHArc horizontal orbit corrector magnets
MCBVArc vertical orbit corrector magnets
MCBXInner Triplet nested Horizontal and Vertical Dipole Orbit Corrector
MCBXCold orbit corrector dipole magnet found in the final-focus triplets
MCDDecapole Corrector (spool piece corrector) in MCDO
MCDONested Decapole-Octupole Corrector
MCIMaximum Credible Incident (in planning for problems)
MCIInjection Line Orbit Corrector
MCOOctupole Corrector (spool piece corrector)
MCSManagement of Critical Settings
MCSSextupole Corrector (spool piece corrector)
MCSOXNested skew sextupole, octupole, skew octupole corrector package
MDMachine Development
MDCMotor Drive Control (in Collimator Low Level Control System)
MEBMagnet Evaluation Board
MEFMachines & Experimental Facilities group (within EN)
METMissing Transverse Energy (symbol a slashed E sub T)
MFBLM Monitor Factor
MFVMinimal Flavor Violation (in particle theories)
MgB2Magnesium diboride (a superconductor)
MKATune Kicker
MKBDiluter Dump Kicker
MKDEjection Dump Kicker (Fast Pulsed Extraction Magnets)
MKEBeam Extraction Kicker Magnet
MKIBeam Injection Kicker Magnet
MKQKicker for Q and Aperture Measurement
MKQALHC Tune and Aperture Measurement
MOOctupole Lattice Corrector in Arc Short Straight Section: Landau damping
MODDefocusing lattice octupole
MOFFocusing lattice octupole
MOPOSSPS Orbit System
MPPMachine Protection Panel (of people)
MPSMain Power Supply (eg in PSB)
MPSMachine Protection System
MQLattice Quadrupole Magnet
MQIInjection Line Quadrupole
MQMInsertion Region Quadrupole
MQSSkew Quadrupole Lattice Corrector Magnet in Arc Short Straight Section
MQTTuning Quadrupole Corrector Magnet in Arc Short Straight Section
MQTFFocusing Tune Quadrupole
MQTVDefocusing Tune Quadrupole
MQWATwin Aperture Warm Quadrupole Module in IR3 and IR7; asymmetrical FD or DF
MQWBTwin Aperture Warm Quadrupole Module in IR3 and IR7; symmetrical FF or DD
MQXASingle Aperture Triplet Quadrupole (Q1, Q3)
MQXBSingle Aperture Triplet Quadrupole (Q2)
MQYInsertion Region Wide Aperture Quadrupole
MSMatching Section
MS..Arc Sextupole Lattice Corrector Magnet: chromaticity sextupoles (at each QF and QD)
MSCBSextupole-Dipole Corrector: assembly of MS or MSS and MCB
MSDEjection/Extraction (Dump) Septum Magnet (sweep MKD-kicked beam into "e"-like form)
MSEExtraction Septum Magnet
MSIInjection Septum Magnet (MSIA, MSIB kick injection sideways and up)
MSSArc Skew Sextupole Corrector
MSSMMinimal Supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model
MSLxMatching Section Left of IP x (at experiments+RF+BDS)
MSRxMatching Section Right of IP x (at experiments+RF+BDS)
MTEMulti Turn Extraction (from the PS)
MTGMaster Timing Generator
mweMetres of Water Equivalent (in terms of shieldimg from particles)
N....Particle Sources (Equipment Codes)
NCNeutral Current (event type)
NCNonconformity / nonconforming / nonconformance
NEGNon-Evaporable Getter (coating inside beam tube to reduce outgassing)
NLONext to Leading Order (in theoretical calculations)
NNLONext to Next to Leading Order (in theoretical calculations)
NORMGPSNormalized General Purpose Separator beam (to ISOLDE)
NORMHRSNormalized High Resolution Separator beam (to ISOLDE)
NPNew Physics
nQPSNew (2010) Quench Protectionn System
nTOFNeutron Time-Of-Flight (experiment in part of the old ISR tunnel)
NSWNew Small Wheel (ATLAS detector)
ODHOxygen Deficiency Hazard (eg as escaping He pushes normal air out of the tunnel)
OFBOrbit Feedback
OTFBOne Turn Feedback
P....Personnel Safety (Equipment Codes)
pAProton - heavy ion (collisions etc) of some Atomic number
PACMANBunches at head/tail of each train tend to become irregular and lost, eaten up as in PACMAN
PADPersonnel Access Device (doorway for people)
PbLoad [Latin plumbum]
pbarAnti-proton (also written as p with a bar above)
Pb-plead ion - proton (collisions etc) (lead ions in beam 1, protons in beam 2)
PCPower Converter (of which there are 1700 in the LHC)
PDFParton Density Function
PDTPressure Differential Transmitter
PELPParabolic-Exponential-Linear-Parabolic command
PETSPower Extraction Structure
PFNPulse Forming Network
PHPH Physics Department
PICPowering Interlock Control (=CIP) (for preventing power up, or slow power abort, as needed)
PIDParticle Identification
PIMPlug-In Module (part of LHC interconnects)
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PLLPhase Locked Loop (hybrid analog/digital PLLs used in machine timing)
PMAPost Mortem Analysis
PMTPhotoMultiplier (in various detectors)
PMPost Mortem
POCPost-Operation Checks
POPSPOwer for PS (new 2011 power supply for PS)
POTProtons On Target
p.o.tProtons On Target
ppMomentum of proton
ppbProtons Per Bunch
p-Pbproton - lead ion (collisions etc) (protons in beam 1, ions in beam 2)
PPCPower Permit Controller
PPMPulse to Pulse Modulation
PPmSPulse per millisecond
PPSPrecision Proton Spectrometer (TOTEM)
PPSPulse Per Second
ProfibusProcess Field Bus (for PLC interfacing) (and see WorldFIP)
PSProton Synchrotron
PSBProton Synchrotron Booster
PRSPosition Readout and Survey (in Collimator Low Level Control System)
pTTransverse momentun
PTPressure Transmitter
PUPileUp (multiple overlapping collisions)
PVSSProcess Visualisation and Control System (software) (being renamed 2010 to SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture)
Q....Cryogenics and Machine Cryostats (Equipment Codes)
QDDefocusing Quadrupole Magnet (horizontal defocusing, vertical focusing)
QFFocusing Quadrupole Magnet (horizontal focusing, vertical defocusing)
QGPQuark Gluon Plasma
QPSQuench Protection System
QRLCryogenic Distribution Line (Helium)
QUICryogenic Interconnection Box (crossing between refrigerators and lines)
R....Power Converters (Equipment Codes)
R1Ring 1 (containing Beam 1)
R2Ring 2 (containing Beam 2)
R2ERadiation to Electronics
RAMSESRadiation monitoring system in the LHC
RB...Power converters for the dipoles ( Rx=power, xB=dipole)
RBACRole Based Access Control
RCDPower Converter for Decapole magnet
RCOPower Converter for Octupole magnet
RCSPower Converter for Sextupole magnet
RCSRapid Cycling Synchrotron
RCSResonant Charging System
RFRadio Frequency (cavity)
RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider (at BNL)
rMPPRestricted Machine Protection Panel (subgroup of MPP)
RotRotated (bunch pattern where bucket number 1s do not meet, or meet in P8 not P1+5)
RPRoman Pot(s) (in TOTEM)
RPRadiation Protection
RPARadiation Protection Assistant
RPCR-Parity Conserving (interactions)
RPERadiation Protection Expert
RPVR-Parity Violating (interactions)
RQ...Power converters for the quadrupoles ( Rx=power, xQ=quadrupole)
RQD...Power converters for the "defocussing" quadrupoles (Rxx=power, xQx=quadrupole, xxD=see FODO)
RQF...Power converters for the focussing quadrupoles (Rxx=power, xQx=quadrupole, xxF=see FODO)
RRRing-Ring (design option for LHeC)
RSnnRunning Sum number nn (output from BLM Threshold Comparator Modules)
RRRResidual Resistivity Ratio
RSORadiation Safety Officer
RTRoom Temperature
RTReal Time
RTERéseau de Transport d'Electricité (distribution arm of EDF) (run some power lines)
S....General Safety (Equipment Codes)
SBSafe Beam (low intensity with little damage potential)
SBStable Beam (suitable for experiment data capture, normally at high intensity)
SBFSafe/Setup Beam Flag (beam is very low intensity if true)
SCSafety Commission
SCSuper Cycle
SCADASupervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SciFiScintillating Fibre Detector (LHCb)
SCRFSuperconducting Radio Frequency (for ILC LINACs)
SCTSemiconductor Tracker (ATLAS)
SDASequence Data Acquisition
SDDSSelf Describing Data Sets
SEESingle Event Effect (eg of radiation)
SEMSecondary Emission Monitor
SEUSingle Event Upset (non-destructive SEE, eg sensor error due radiation)
SEYSecondary Electron Yield (from electrons hitting eg LHC beam screen)
SFTSPS Fixed Target (beam in the SPS for North Area fixed target experiments)
SFTPROSPS Fixed Target PROduction beam (from PS)
SGSG Secretariat General Department
SIGServices Industriels de Genève (run pwerline Verbois to Meyrin incl substation)
SILSafety Integrity Level
SIMATICSIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (renamed from PVSS) (by ETM, a Siemens company)
SISSoftware Interlock System (prevents running when problems exist)
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Center (now just SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) (Menlo Park CA)
SLIMOSShift Leader In Matters Of Safety (reports to GLIMOS)
SLPSafe LHC Parameters
SMStandard Model (of particle physics)
SMOGSystem for Measuring Overlap with Gas (in LHCb)
SMPSafe Machine Parameter
SMPVSafe Machine Parameter Verifier
SPSSuper Proton Synchrotron
SPSSSpecial Short Straight Section
SQUIDSuperconducting Quantum Interference Device (measuring magentic fields)
SRSynchrotron Radiation
SSISSPS Software Interlock System
SSSShort Straight Section (in arcs)
SunglassesCollimators/absorbers (absorb unavoidable slow beam losses)
SUSYSuper Symmetry (particle theories)
SWCStanding Wave Cavity (in SPS RF)
TTransverse (eg pT)
T....Targets, Dumps and Collimators (Equipment Codes)
T2,T4,T6SPS beam Targets in the North Area
T7 to T11SPS beam Targets in the East Area
TANTarget Absorber Neutral (first absorber outside the IP catching particles escaping along the beam axis)
TASTarget Absorber Secondaries
TBCTo Be Confirmed
TBLTest Beam Line
TBTSTwo Beam Test Stand
TC...Target Collimator
TCD...Target Collimator Dump
TCDDCollimator for D1 protection
TCDITarget Collimator Dump Injection transfer line: Transfer line collimator
TCDQTarget Collimator Dump Quadruple (Diluter): Collimator for Q4 protection
TCDSTarget Collimator Dump Septum (Diluter): Collimator for MSD protection
TCHSTarget Collimator Halo Scraper
TCL...Target Collimator Long
TCLATarget Collimator Long Absorber
TCLITarget Collimator Long Injection protection
TCLPTarget Collimator Long Physics debris
TcCritical Temperature (eg for superconductivity)
TCPTarget Collimator Primary: Primary collimator for cleaning
TCSTarget Collimator Secondary: Secondary collimator for cleaning
TCSGTarget Collimator Secondary Graphite
TCSMTarget Collimator Secondary Metallic
TCTTarget Collimator Tertiary: Tertiary collimator
TCTHTCT Horizontal
TCTVTCT Vertical
TD...Target Dump
TDAQTrigger and Data Acquisition
TDEDump for Ejected Beam (External)
TDIBeam Absorber for Injection (Internal) protection, in IR2, IR8, after TED - up/down = up/downstream
TDRTechnical Design Report
TETechnology Department
TEDBeam Absorber for Injection (External), in TI2, TI8 ahead of TDI - BEAM=out, DUMP=in
TETRATErrestrial Trunked RAdio (used for communications at CERN)
TFBTransverse Feedback
TGMTelegram (carrying data in the FESA)
TITechnical Infrastructure (section of BE-OP)
TIxInjector Tunnel (eg TI2)
TLTransfer Line (in eg TI2 or TI8)
TLEPTriple-circumference LEP (proposed)
TNTunnel Neutrino (going to WANF)
TNCTunnel Neutrino Chamber (used for WANF, now housing HiRadMat)
TPCTime Projection Chamber (for detecting particles eg at ICARUS)
TPMTransverse Profile Measurement
TRTTransition Radiation Tracker (ATLAS)
TSTechnical Support Department
TSTechnical Stop
TSOTerritorial Safety Officer
TTTemperature Transmitter
TTCTiming, Trigger and Control
TTxTransfer Tunnel (eg TT10)
TWCTravelling Wave Cavity (eg in SPS RF)
U....Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Equipment Codes)
UFOUnidentified [Unexplained] Falling Object (dust), or Unidentified Factual Observation
ULOUnidentified [Unexplained] Lying Object
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
UTUpstream Tracker (LHCb)
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
V....Vacuum (Equipment Codes)
VBFVector Boson Fusion (W/Z pair fusing between two quarks to create a Higgs boson)
VdMVan der Meer (luminosity measurement technique)
VELOVertex Locator (in LHCb) (5mm from beams when in)
VICVisite d’Inspection Commune (complements AOC or AET) (request for VIC is a “consignation")
VMEVERSAmodule Eurocard computer bus (originally Motorola)
WANFWest Area Neutrino Facility (CERN experiment 1976 - 1998)
WBTNWide Band Time Normaliser
WCMWall Current Monitor
WFDWave Form Digitiser
WICWarm Magnet Interlock Control (=CIW)
WISEWindow Interface for Simulating Errors
WorldFIPStandardised FIP fieldbus (realtime to 2.5 Mbps, 70-80% load factor) (and see Profibus)
WRLWarm Recovery Line
WSWire Scanner
X....Experiments and Facilities (Equipment Codes)
XPOCExternal Post-Operation Checks
Y....Access System (Equipment Codes)
YASPSteering Program
YETSYear End Technical Stop
Z....Electrostatic Systems (Equipment Codes)
ZNumber of protons in nucleus
ZDCZero Degree Calorimeter (at ATLAS)

Greek letters
αalpha particle (2p+2n) (He nucleus) [alpha]
α(s)α(s) = −β′(s)/2 [alpha]
αcmomentum compaction factor [alpha sub c]
βbeta particle (electron) [beta]
βrelativistic beta function β = v/c [beta]
β(s)betatron function (in m) [beta]
β*betatron function at the interaction point (in m) [beta star]
γphoton (gamma particle) [gamma]
γrelativistic gamma function γ = 1/√(1−β^2) [gamma]
γ(s)γ(s) = 1+α^2(s)/β(s) [gamma]
Γbranching ratio, or decay rate [Gamma]
Δμ(s)betatron phase advance (in radians) [Delta mu]
ΔΦangle between two particles in the transverse plane perpendicular to the beam [Delta phi]
εbeam emittance (in μm) [epsilon]
εNnormalised beam emittance ε-sub-N = ε/γ (in μm) [epsilon sub N]
ηpseudorapidity (particle direction, 0 transverse to beam, ∞ parallel to beam) [eta]
μmicro (thousandth of a milli) (also written as Latin letter u) [mu]
μmuon [mu]
μpileup (number of events per bunch collision) [mu]
νneutrino [nu]
νeelectron neutrino [nu sub e]
νμmuon neutrino [nu sub mu]
ντtau neutrino [nu sub tau]
σ(s)r.m.s. beam size σ = √(εβ(s)/γ) (in μm) [sigma]
τlifetime [tau]
τhTau plus hadron (resulting particles) [tau sub h]

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